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First All-Day Free Shuttle for Teton Pass

Teton Backcountry Alliance (TBCA) is hosting its first All-Day Teton Pass Free Shuttle Service on Saturday, January 25th. Shuttles will run on the hour from 9am to 3pm with stops at…

Old Pass Road trailhead

  1. Phillips Bench parking area

  2. Teton Pass

  3. Coal Creek trailhead

  4. Returning with those stops in reverse

In partnership with Aaron Pruzan of Rendezvous River Sports, the event is aimed at helping alleviate parking troubles on Teton Pass and exploring the potential of having a more permanent shuttle solution.

Teton Backcountry Alliance is a grassroots organization with a mission to promote public safety, community, stewardship, and sustainable access for Teton-area winter backcountry users. “Our survey of backcountry users last spring showed there is strong interest for a Teton Pass Shuttle. So the Backcountry Alliance is organizing several days of Free Shuttles this winter to test how well such a system might work. We know that a single day of Free Shuttles is not the solution, but we are excited to use this event as a catalyst for a shuttle systems solution in the future,” explained Teton Backcountry Alliance Steering Committee chairman, Gary Kofinas.

As this winter season ramps up, Teton Backcountry Alliance is excited to continue working on the other issues that face our community. “We are so fortunate to have the access we have, and the only reason we will have it taken away will be the inability of our backcountry community to manage ourselves. If we can figure out a way to eliminate the parking issues, keep folks out of slide paths that impact the road, clean up after our pets, and act with respect up there, we will be able to enjoy Teton Pass for generations to come” urged Teton Pass Ambassador and TBCA steering committee member, Jay Pistono.

Join TBCA this Saturday, bring your friends, take advantage of this free day of shuttles, and join the effort to solve the parking issue associated with the incredible access on Teton Pass.

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