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Join our efforts to promote safe, responsible, fun, and sustainable winter recreation in the Teton region. We depend on input and involvement from our members and the community. Become part of a fun and interesting community of skiers, riders, and other winter recreationists in the Teton region. Please contact us if there is something you would like to say, share, or ask. 

Our Code of Backcountry Ethics

  • Be prepared for your outing

  • Take care of your partners, pets, and fellow users

  • respect environment, wildlife, people

  • Carpool and park tightly

  • Cooperate with regulations and enforcement agencies

  • Spread the good word

Benefits of TBCA membership:

  • Learn and share information about trips, skills, equipment, conservation and access issues

  • Become a united voice representing the backcountry community to management agencies and the general public.

  • Join outings, events, volunteer programs, and workshops to meet other winter recreationists, and improve your skills and safety in the field

  • Contribute to expensive programs and initiatives that make backcountry use safer, funner, and more sustainable for everyone.

Membership is an annual fee of $20.

Your annual tax-deductible membership fee, voluntary donations, and volunteer work allow us to staff our programs and contribute to the costs of recreation management.

We promise to respect your privacy. We will never distribute your contact information.

Please spread the word about the TBCA and encourage your friends to join us.

Become a Member

Thanks for becoming a member! We'll get back to you soon.

Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador

The Teton Backcountry Alliance Volunteer Backcountry Ambassador Program complements the on-going work of Jay Pistono and Mike Penterson,  BTNF’s full-time winter Teton Pass Ambassadors. With all six of last winter’s volunteer ambassadors returning, TBCA now has 10 people serving in the backcountry.  We are excited to have this strong team of community residents and backcountry enthusiasts to help promote TBCA’s mission of public safety, community, stewardship, and sustainable access. Look for them at the Teton Pass Summit, Coal Creek, Stateline, Philips Bench, and on the skin track, the slopes, and to tops of your favorite runs.

Want to share your gratitude or feedback? Or inquire about how to become a Volunteer Backcountry Ambassador for future seasons? Email us at 

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