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TBCA - Proposal to allow e-bikes on Teton Pass trails

TBCA is greatly concerned about the prospects of allowing e-mountain bikes on the single track trails of Teton Pass. TBCA's position is largely related to the a concern that e-technologies are increasingly being developed for winter backcountry use, such as e-snowboards and e-rope tows, and how their use on Teton Pass would change the experience for all users.

TBCA concerns are outlined in the comment letter submitted to the Forest Service as a part of the USFS's NEPA scoping process. An summary of all public comments on the e-bike proposal was completed by TBCA. The report from that analysis is found here.

TBCA is NOT against all use of e-technologies, but does feel that 1) e-bikes are motorized vehicles, and 2) Teton Pass area zones, as currently delineated for motorized and non-motorized uses, should remain in place. For an example of a e-snowboard, see the video below:

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