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Beacon Park Fundraiser

Purchase raffle tickets to keep the Coal Creek Beacon Park operational beyond this winter!

$10 for one raffle ticket; $50 for 6 raffle tickets; $100 for 15 raffle tickets.

Prizes: Two BCA Float 27 Speed Airbag packs (value $549)

Fundraising goal: $3500

Promoting safety is a central element of Teton Backcountry Alliance’s mission. The recent installation of the Beacon Park at Coal Creek provides an opportunity for backcountry skiers and boarders to practice victim searches and hone their avalanche rescue skills (See JHN&G article).

Donations of time, energy, equipment, and funds from Backcountry Access (BCA), Lynne Wolfe, TBCA, and Yöskmark Tours enabled the installation of the Coal Creek Beacon Park for 2020-2021 season. Considerable use of the beacon park by backcountry skiers and riders has validated the need for this rescue training resource. TBCA’s purchase of the beacon park equipment will keep it operational in future winters.

Click HERE to make a donation and buy your tickets.

The winners of the Airbag packs will be announced in early April or when we meet our $3500 goal.

Please support the Coal Creek Beacon Park and help keep your ski partners and others safe!

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