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More Free Shuttles for Teton Pass

During the winter of 2019-20, Teton Backcountry Alliance will offer three Free Teton Pass Shuttle Days to the public. TBCA’s objectives are to test if there is sufficient interest in a Teton Pass transportation system to have a viable Teton Pass shuttle service and to use the event to learn more about what works and doesn’t with such a program.

The first of these occurred on Saturday January 25th. TBCA cooperated with Rendezvous River Sports of Jackson, which lent shuttle vehicles. The shuttle ran from 9am to 3pm with a route that started at the Old Pass Road Trailhead to the top of the Pass, to the Coal Creek Trailhead on the west side of the Pass, and returned at those same stops in reverse. TBCA had three shuttle vehicles running through the day.

About 125 people participated as passengers and a dozen as volunteers. During much of the day there were more cars parked at the Old Pass Road Trailhead than the top of the Pass. Those who took a ride on the shuttle were enthusiastically appreciative and supportive of continuing the service.

We extend BIG thank yous to our volunteers – Randy Roberts, Josh Metten, Mike Parris, Aaron Pruzan, “Captain Ron,” and JennyboBenny, and all others who supported the effort. We also thank Aaron Pruzan of Rendezvous River Sports for offering the use of two vehicles.

TBCA plans two more Free Teton Pass Shuttle Days this winter, one in February and another in March. Stay tuned for exact dates and other details.

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