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Teton Ambassador Fundraiser

As most Teton backcountry skiers and boarders would agree, our Teton Pass Ambassador is one of, if not THE most valuable resource backcountry users have for managing winter recreational use of Teton Pass. Unfortunately, financial support for this position by the US Forest Service is inadequate.

Teton Backcountry Alliance (TBCA) is therefore raising needed funds to support the Teton Pass Ambassador Program. Jay Pistono has served in the position of Teton Pass Ambassador for over 15 years. He currently puts in about 5 ½ months a year working in this role (spending time at the pass, giving public talks, and writing articles about responsible use of the backcountry, and is paid only $15,000 per year with no health care or other benefits. This year TBCA is working with the Forest Service to launch a Volunteer Ambassador Program, which Jay will oversee. Please help support our Teton Pass Ambassador and the new volunteer program, by becoming a volunteer, and making a contribution.

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